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All Recovery Themed Tri-Plate coins and Color Recovery Coins & Medallions
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Fancy Color and Tri-plated Recovery coins with Affirmations, Slogans, Images and encouragements that go great with just about any Recovery program. These "Fancy" or Tri-plated come with enamel paint fill on a plated medallion. Whenever this is all topped of with a smooth epoxy finish they are referred to as "Tri-Plated". A true "Tri-plated" medallion/coin is both gold and nickel plated along with the paint fill and epoxy finish but it more often has come to refer to any colored medallion with a smooth epoxy finish. In this category here you will find our popular Custom "Painted" Medallion that is really a "Painted Plated" medallion though we thought it fits best in this category than any other. Many more Specialty slogan medallions here---> All Specialty Slogan Coins/Medallions
The traditions of chips, medallions and birthdays vary in different parts of the country.

There is evidence that early on many people in AA carried personal momentos to remind themselves of the importance of their sobriety. Clarence H. Snyder - "The Home Brewmeister had his last drink on February 11, 1938 and he carried this medallion made from a silver dollar and a watch fob up until just before his death on March 22, 1984. It has been dated back into the mid-1940's, if not before, and the holes represent 46 years of sobriety. Clarence started AA group #3 in Cleveland in 1939, and in the beginning had a higher recovery rate than Bill and Dr. Bob combined. His story, "Home Brewmeister", can be found on page 297 of the Big Book.


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No matter what club

Slogan & Affirmation Tri-plated Recovery Coins for AA, NA & Al-anon

Recovery tokens popular with 12 step groups with colorful enamel and smooth epoxy finish. Standard recovery coin size. Usually requre thich metal coin holders and bezels.

3rd Step Prayer AA Coin with Choice of Color
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Price: $14.99
7th Step Prayer Plated AA Coin with Choice of Color

Price: $12.99
A Day at a Time Praying Hands Medallion in purple or white
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Price: $14.99
AA 24 Hour Sunlight of the Spirit Tri-Plated AA Coin

Price: $14.99
AA Recovery Angel bsp Tri-Plate Medallion

Price: $15.95
AA Sober Camel Black-Yellow Tri-Plated Medallion
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Price: $16.50
AA We are not cured - Daily Reprieve Coin from pg 85

Price: $14.99
Believe in your Dreams Recovery Medallion with Great Spirit Prayer

Price: $14.99
Bill and Bob SOS God Centered 24 Hour AA Coin

Price: $10.99
Camel bsp Tri-Plated Medallion

Price: $15.95
Clearance Blue Bill and Bob SOS God Centered 24 Hour AA Coin

List Price: $15.85
Price: $10.99
Clearance Purple Bill and Bob SOS God Centered 24 Hour AA Coin

List Price: $15.85
Price: $10.99
Clearance Red Bill and Bob SOS God Centered 24 Hour AA Coin

List Price: $15.85
Price: $10.99
Discover the Goddess within- The Miracle is You Recovery Medallion

Price: $14.99
Eternal Friendship Medallion with Great Spirit Prayer

Price: $12.99
Just for Today-Keep Coming Back Shield of Protection Recovery Coin

Price: $14.99
Keep it Simple Butterfly Recovery Medallion with Serenity Prayer

Price: $12.99
Light in the Dark-Daily Reprieve 24 Hour SOS AA Coin
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Price: $12.99
Live to Ride Clean and Sober Tri-Plated Recovery Medallion

Price: $12.99
Man on the bed AA Coin

Price: $15.95
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Aluminum Classic Economical AA Medallion

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Anniversary Antique Bronze AA Coin Sunlight of the Spirit

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Anniversary Antique Bronze AA Medallion

Price: $1.09
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Anniversary Bronze Founders AA Medallion

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Antique Bronze NA Anniversary Millennium Coins

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Nicotine Anonymous Plastic Chips

Price: $0.45

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