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A Brief History of the AA Coin

AA Coin Sister lgnatia, the nun who helped Dr. Bob get the hospitalization program started at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron was the first person to use Medallions in Alcoholics Anonymous.
She gave the drunks who were leaving St. Thomas after a five day dry out the very first Recovery Medallions.....a Sacred Heart Medallion, much like today's AA anniversary coin and then instructed them that the acceptance of the medallion signified a commitment to God, to A.A. and to recovery and that if they were going to drink, they had a responsibility to return the medallion to her before drinking. Click to see Sacred Heart Medallion The sacred heart medallions had been used prior to A.A. by the Father Matthew Temperance Movement of the 1840's and the Pioneers, an Irish Temperance Movement of the 1890's.

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The tradition in Alcoholics Anonymous of Chips, Medallions, Tokens and Coins for Sobriety Birthdays and Anniversaries varies in different parts of the country.

There is evidence that early on many people in AA carried personal mementos to remind themselves of the importance of their sobriety. Clarence H. Snyder - "The Home Brewmeister" had his last drink on February 11, 1938 and he carried this medallion made from a silver dollar and a watch fob up until just before his death on March 22, 1984. It has been dated back into the mid-1940's, if not before, and the holes represent 46 years of sobriety. Clarence started AA group #3 in Cleveland in 1939, and in the beginning had a higher recovery rate than Bill and Dr. Bob combined. His story, "Home Brewmeister", can be found on page 297 of the Big Book.


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Early Medallion
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AA 24 Hour Chips

All Styles AA 24 Hour Chips, Tokens, Medallions & Coins

Also other " at a time" themed coins primarily for Alcoholics Anonymous but often used universally. Tri-plated coins may be too big for wood or mtal coin holders. Refer to product description for info.

AA Coins Tri-Plate

Anniversary or Slogan Tri-Plated AA tokens

Categorized Tri-Plated AA coins typically with gold, silver and beautiful enamel coating are offered here with Months or years and principals and sayings. Color and plating as listed by product. *Not all coins have 3 actual coatings but but are still often referred to as "tri-plated" meaning a beautifully decorated coin.

Featuring God Centered - Sunlight of the Spirit true Tri-plated AA Anniversary coins in choice of colors and very unique AA Message chips

All AA Coins

Uncategorized List of All AA Tokens Available Here

Each and every AA coin we have available is included here listed alphabetically. Anniversary AA coins, Meeting Tokens & Specialty Slogan coins are all include in all materials and finishes.

Various styles and manufacturers

Aluminum Anniversary AA Medallions & Plastic AA Chips/tokens

AA Anniversary Chips and Tokens - Aluminum & Plastic

Most often given at AA Meetings, 2 styles anodized aluminum AA tokens and 2 different AA plastic chip options also for Anniversaries 24 hours to 10 years. Plastic AA Tokens made in-house and may be purchased custom here

Starter sets available. Quantity discounts where listed

Anniversary Bi-Plated AA Coins

Silver & Gold Plated AA Tokens 

Featuring Sunlight of the Spirit God centered AA coins. Mirror bright gold and silver. Check out our selection, we have one for you.

Standard recovery coin size 34mm fits virtually all coin holders sold here

Antique Bronze AA Coins

Anniversary and Slogan Bronze AA Tokens

Various manufacturers Standard recovery coin size 34mm x appx 2mm. Fit virtually all coin holders unless otherwise noted. Quantity discounts where listed. Contact us for wholesale opportunities.

Engraved AA Coins

Selection of Engraved AA Medallions

Engraved recoverycoins for AA Anniveraries, Sponsors and birthday milestones. Custom message coin available also

Allow 7-10 days for engraving


Founders AA Medallions

Bill & Bob AA Coins - All Finishes

Likenesses of Dr Bob and Bill W on Bronze, Painted or fancy tri-plated AA Medallions for Anniversary or with Slogans and quotes. "Rarely, have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path"

Standard recovery coin sizes 34mm fits virtually all available coin holders

Gold Plated AA Coins

Gold Plated AA Anniversary & AA Slogan Coins

Multiple styles Anniversary and special slogans and affirmations popular Alcoholics Anonymous. Shiny classic and economical shiny bright gold plated coins.

Stanard recovery coin size. Fits all coin holders/displays

Nickel Plated AA Medallions

Anniversary or Slogan Nickel Plated AA Coins

Alcoholics Anonymous metal sobriety Medallions plated to a mirror finish with silver or silver color. Common recovery coin size fits all available coin holders sold here

Silver and Silver Plate AA Coins

.999 Sterling Silver AA Anniversary & Nickel Plated AA Coins

For AA anniversary, 24 Hours and Just For Today.

Specialty slogan recovery medallions

Specialty Slogan Affirmation AA Coins- Categorized

Coffee pot, One day at a time aluminum and bronze, several 24 hour chips, various Camel coins, To thine ownself be true coin, Praying hands with Serenity prayer and 7th step prayer reminder coin, etc.. Various finishes and metals.

Standard recovery coin sizes unless otherwise noted.

Sunlight of the Spirit Anniversary AA Coins

God Centered Sunlight AA Coins- All finishes

God is referenced 142 times in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous so we thought it was important enough to go right in the center of this AA Anniversary coin. This Special AA Token also features the Essentials; "Willingness, Honesty and Open Mindedness" on the front along with Unity, Service and Recovery with a Sun in the middle reresenting the "Sunlight of the Spirit".


Best Sellers

Most Popular

.999 Sterling Silver Anniversary AA Coin
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Price: $49.99
12 AA or NA Coin Holder Hardwood Plaque

Price: $49.99
24 Hour Antique Bronze AA Coin Sunlight of the Spirit Coin
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Price: $1.03
24 Hour Daily Reprieve Sunlight of the Spirit AA Coin

Price: $1.79
3rd Step Prayer AA Coin with Choice of Color
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Price: $14.99
7th Step Prayer Plated AA Coin with Choice of Color

Price: $12.99
7th Step Prayer Reminder Antique Bronze AA Coin
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Price: $1.49
AA 3D Engraved Lighted Shelf Clock
Previous1 of 3Next

Price: $29.99
AA Big Book cover-Serenity Prayer and medallion holder

Price: $15.99
AA Custom Leather Double Book Cover for Big Book and 12 &12

Price: $94.99
AA Deluxe Double Book Cover with Serenity Prayer and coin holder

Price: $25.99
AA Leather Zip closure Double Book Cover with Handle and Coin holder
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Price: $69.99
AA We are not cured - Daily Reprieve Coin from pg 85

Price: $14.99
Aluminum AA 24 Hour Chip

List Price: $0.36
Price: $0.39
Anniversary Antique Bronze AA Coin Sunlight of the Spirit

Price: $1.03
Anniversary NA Style Tri-Plate Medallions-Bulk
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Price: $14.99
Anniversary Sunlight of the Spirit Tri-Plated AA Coins

Price: $14.99
Antique Bronze NA Anniversary Millennium Coins

Price: $1.49
Believe in your Dreams Recovery Medallion with Great Spirit Prayer

Price: $14.99
Bill and Bob SOS God Centered 24 Hour AA Coin

Price: $10.99
Black Leather Serenity Prayer Bracelet

Price: $10.99
Black or Red Leather AA Big Book Cover with Serenity Prayer and coin holder
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $39.99
Brown Leather Serenity Prayer Bracelet

Price: $11.99
Camel Recovery Coin Display

Price: $44.99
Choice of Recovery Coffee Mugs

Price: $12.99
Custom Plastic Recovery Chips-Typeset Free min. required

Price: $0.55
Discover the Goddess within- The Miracle is You Recovery Medallion

Price: $14.99
Eternal Friendship Medallion with Great Spirit Prayer

Price: $12.99
Glass Recovery Prayer Plaques with Easel

Price: $19.99
Gold or Nickel Plated Camel Pin with jeweled eye

List Price: $4.99
Price: $2.50
Handmade Bronze AA Coin Ring

Price: $39.99
I'm a Miracle Lapel Pin

List Price: $4.99
Price: $2.50
Incognito Milestone AA Coin with selection of year
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $29.99
Just For Today Lapel Pin - Choice of colors

List Price: $4.99
Price: $2.50
Just for Today-Keep Coming Back Shield of Protection Recovery Coin

Price: $14.99
Keep it Simple Butterfly Recovery Medallion with Serenity Prayer

Price: $12.99
Large Coin Capsule with Low Profile Folding Easel

Price: $2.24
Light in the Dark-Daily Reprieve 24 Hour SOS AA Coin
Previous1 of 3Next

Price: $12.99
Live to Ride Clean and Sober Tri-Plated Recovery Medallion

Price: $12.99
Magical Floating Recovery Coin Display

Price: $8.99
My Sponsor- My Friend Recovery Coin

Price: $12.99
NA Angel Tri plate teal

Price: $12.99
NA Milestone Coin with selection of year
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $29.99
Purple AA Camel Coin

Price: $12.99
Reach for the Stars-Live Each Day to the Fullest Recovery Medallion

Price: $12.99
Recovery Bear White or Brown - choice of red, black, blue or pink shirt
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List Price: $22.99
Price: $17.99
Recovery Bumper Stickers
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Price: $1.50
Recovery Coin Holder Bezel Pendants with Bail
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Price: $19.99
Recovery Hardwood Plaques

Price: $29.99
Recovery Prayers Jeweled Pendant Necklace

Price: $12.99
Recovery Prayers Necklace

Price: $8.99
Serenity Prayer Spiral Pendant Necklace

Price: $9.99
Spritual Blend Pendant Necklace

Price: $8.99
Step by Step Card Game

Price: $10.99
Sunlight of the Spirit 24 Hour Chip-Key Chain

Price: $0.45
Sunlight of the Spirit AA Coin Presentation-Display Box

Price: $24.99
Tri-Plate Drug Free "I Can't - We Can" Recovery Coin

Price: $14.99
Tri-Plate Pass it on Camel AA Coin with Camel Poem

Price: $12.99
Tri-Plated My Heart is in my Recovery Medallion with 3D effect

Price: $14.99
Unity Service Recovery Heart Pendant Necklace

Price: $8.99
Unity Service Recovery Pendant Necklace

Price: $8.99
Unity Service Recovery Tear Drop Necklace

Price: $8.99

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