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Vinyl & Leather Double Covers for AA Big Book and 12 & 12


big book

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The Big Book was originally published in 1939 by Bill W. (William Griffith Wilson) and Dr. Bob (Robert Holbrook Smith). Together they founded the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) fellowship. The book serves as the basic text of AA. There has been a series of reprints and revisions, as well as translations into dozens of languages. The second edition (1955) consisted of 1,150,000 copies. The book is published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. and is available through AA offices and meetings, as well as through booksellers. The 4th Edition (2001) is also freely available online. Marty Mann (1904 - 1980) wrote the chapter "Women Suffer Too" in the second through fourth editions of the Big Book.

Bill W. started writing the book in the beginning on 1938. Charles B. Towns (1862-1947), an expert on alcoholism and drug addiction, who was a supporter and creditor of Alcoholics Anonymous, lending Wilson $2500 ($38000 in 2008 dollar values) to enable him to write what became the "The Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous. The table on which the book was written is now in a house named, Stepping Stones in Katonah, New York, belonging to Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill W. and his wife Lois Burnham Wilson.

The house is now part of National Register of Historic Places listings in Westchester County, New York and a museum. The desk on which Bill wrote "The Big Book", originally belonged to a friend who had lent him an office in Newark for the project, it was eventually moved to Stepping Stones and now resides at "Wit's End," the office retreat he built on the property. President Richard Nixon received the millionth copy of the book, while the 25-millionth copy of the Big Book was presented to Jill Brown, of San Quentin State Prison, at the International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to commemorate the fact that, in 1941 the first prison meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous took place at San Quentin.

All Sizes Double AA Big Book with Twelve & Twelve covers

Leather or Vinyl. Choice of Sizes. US made options available

All 12 Step Recovery Products » Recovery Book Covers » AA Book Covers » Double AA Big Book with 12 and 12 Book Covers
AA Custom Leather Double Book Cover for Big Book and 12 &12

Price: $94.99
AA Deluxe Double Book Cover for Big Book and 12 &12

Price: $34.90
AA Deluxe Double Book Cover with Serenity Prayer and coin holder

Price: $25.99
AA Giant Print Double Cover-Serenity Prayer & Coin Holder

Price: $40.95
AA Leather Deluxe Book Cover for AA Big Book and 12 &12

Price: $85.99
AA Leather Zip closure Double Book Cover with Handle and Coin holder
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Price: $69.99
AA Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Hardback

Price: $12.99
Bill and Bob AA Deluxe Double Book Cover for Big Book and 12 &12
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Price: $34.95
Giant Print Double Deluxe Book Cover-Bill & Bob- Medallion Holder

Price: $40.95
POCKET AA Big Book and 12 & 12  Deluxe Double Book Cover

Price: $32.95
Pocket Double Big Book and 12 & 12 Cover-Serenity Prayer

Price: $19.95
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